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Growing up one of my favorite past times was to listen to the rain hit the metal roof of our single wide trailer. As an adult, I still love to hear the rain fall but it is a relief it is no longer on the tin roof of a trailer. Being raised by a single mom, I had a lot of responsibility from a very young age. If I didn’t catch the bus in the morning, I was unable to attend school that day. If I was hungry or needed clothes to be washed, I had to make sure it got done. That independence and access to great public schools was what pushed me to graduate at the top of my class, and attend college majoring in biology.


I worked in the audiology field for 12 years which taught me so much about different aspects of the medical industry. The uphill battles people deal with while trying to get access to basic human necessities is exhausting. I didn’t have insurance until I was in my late 20’s. I had to pay out of pocket for all medications and doctor visits. I was lucky to be able to use planned parenthood for yearly cancer screenings.


Once I met my husband and we decided to have a family, I was blessed to be able to stay home with my children. It was something my mother was never able to give me that I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to give to my kids. My son was born at Rose Hospital and within 12 hours had to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. He was discharged 3 days later but my fight for him began the day he was born. My daughter just started at University Park Elementary School and my son started preschool this fall. Due to his autism, we still have different types of therapy weekly but his progress has been amazing.


After my son was diagnosed as autistic, I started meeting with politicians, organizations, and attending local political meetings because I knew that our system needed to change. I know how lucky my kids are but I think about all of the children in our community that aren’t as lucky. I see my childhood and I see how hard it would have been for me to change my life if I was born in Denver today. The struggles that are happening in our community need to be addressed now. I want to give a voice to our district. I want to make sure you are taken care of at the Colorado Capital.

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